It is that time of year again, with sale nominations for the 2018 Landmark Classic opening from the 4th – 8th September 2017.

The process will be the same as last year, with nominations being received online through the EQ Live system that was introduced in 2016. This way, information can be instantly and accurately received by the equine team for a fast and effective nomination process.

With nominations for the 2018 Landmark Classic Select Sale opening Monday, 4th, please follow the link to read our updated Terms & Conditions and Drug Policy.

Sale nomination FAQ

Q. Will the first horses nominated be the first to get in?
A. No, entries will be open from Monday 4th September and close Friday 8th September. All entries will be taken in this time, with entries/numbers finalised from there.

Q. I'm not on the internet, can I still enter?
A. Yes- there will still be forms available for you to fill out and return to the Tamworth office, as in the previous years.

Q. I'm a first time vendor- will I get in and how many horses can I nominate?
A. We receive huge numbers of nominations each year and always try to accept as many newcomers as possible. This year new vendors are invited to submit 1 sale horse entry only.

Q. I’m a returning vendor – how many horses can I nominate?
A. Due to demand, returning vendors who have sold at 1-2 Classics will most likely only be able to nominate 1 horse, so please clearly indicate your preference if an additional horse is nominated.

Vendors who have sold at 2+ Classics are welcome to nominate 2 horses, which will be considered based on previous sales results and the horses submitted.

Q. What about geldings and stallion restrictions?
A. Any stallion or colt aged 3 years and over must be sire registered and DNA recorded at the time of nomination. There will also be a limit of one 2 year old male nomination per vendor for the 2018 Classic Sale.

Q. Will I be advised if my entry has been accepted into the sale?
A. Yes, every vendor will be advised of the outcome of their nomination via email. In the case of a postal entry, we will contact you by telephone.

Q. How many entries will you be taking in 2017?
A. 640 entries will be accepted for the 2018 Classic Sale.

Q. My horse is not registered; will you accept a horse with pending registration?

A. No. All horses are to be fully registered with AQHA and ASH at the time of nomination. NO pending registrations will be accepted.

For more information please contact Landmark Tamworth 02 6765 5211