Horse Health Decs + Waivers

All horses who come on site to AELEC during the Landmark Classic (regardless if they are a competition or sale horse, or neither!) must be recorded on a 2019 Horse Health Declaration, signed by the owner or responsible care giver.

All competitors, riders, trainers, grooms, handlers or anyone who will have contact with horses at any time during the event must complete a 2019 Waiver. Those under 18 must have one signed by a parent or guardian.

Waivers and horse health decs must be completed at the stable office (TAFE building) in order to receive a Landmark Equine wristband. Riders cannot compete or pre-work without a wristband.

You can download the forms below, or just come and see us in the stable office and fill out there!

2019 Horse Health Declaration

2019 Waiver