2020 Nutrien Classic & Campdraft

2020 Classic Events and Entry Fees

Entry fees are open 6:00am, Monday 16th of December - 6:00am, Monday 23rd of December, 2019

Entry fees for the Nutrien Classic events will be open at 6:00am on Monday the 16th of December to 6:00am on Monday the 23rd of December, 2019.

Entries will open via Campdraft Central


The Nutrien Classic Campdraft - $free!

The Martins Stock Haulage Open Campdraft - $330

The 4Cyte Masters Campdraft - $330

The Pryde's EasiFeed Australian Performance Horse Challenge - $330

The Dalgety Stallion Shootout - $440

The Classic Jackpot - $110

The Charlie Maher Memorial Young Guns Campdraft - $175

AELEC Bars Gelding Dash for Cash - Invitational

Jimmy Matthew's Memorial Ladies Dash for Cash - Invitational

Gelding Incentive - Invitational

2020 Nutrien Classic Competition Terms & Conditions

ALL CAMPDRAFT & CHALLENGE ENTRIES WILL OPEN 16th-23rd DECEMBER 2019 Via CAMPDRAFT CENTRAL Please Contact Claudia Turnbull At Nutrien Tamworth With Any Queries – 02 6765 5211
















Online Catalogue now available!

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2020 Nutrien Classic Events Program

Download and view the 2020 Nutrien Classic Program

CLICK HERE to access the 2020 Nutrien Classic events program

2020 Prydes EasiFeed Australian Performance Horse Challenge Patterns and Rules

2020 Updated patterns, now available to download and view

As always, the Nutrien team appreciates and welcomes any feedback for the Classic program. After much consideration and discussion, we have made a few changes to the Challenge Patterns for 2020.

Please follow the link below to view the new Patterns:

2020 Challenge Patterns and Rules

 The following information outlines the rules  and regulations for the 2020 Prydes EasiFeed Australian Performance Horse Challenge;






Competitors entering this competition will compete in a sportsman like manner & shall abide by the rules of APHC and the organising Committee. The Committee has the power to disqualify any competitor on the grounds of non punctuality and / or general misbehaviour.




Inhumane treatment or abuse of a horse in any manner in a competition arena or on the grounds is prohibited. Inhumane treatment includes:


General Rules


Dry Work:


Cattle Work:









Please note:



2020 Young Guns Rules

2020 Young Guns rules now available!

As always, the Nutrien team appreciates and welcomes any feedback on the Classic program. After much consideration and discussion, we have made a few changes to the 2020 Young Guns Campdraft rules.

CLICK HERE to view the updated rules


Please see below the stable maps for the 2020 Classic sale event;











2020 Nutrien Classic Conditions of Sale

Updated T/C's of entry

CLICK HERE to download the updated Conditions of Sale for the 2020 Nutrien Classic Select Sale.

Please read thoroughly to ensure you are eligible for entry this year - remember that ALL horses MUST be fully registered at time of nomination (including sire registrations). Any pending horses will be rejected immediately.

Not long to go now - only 1 month until nominations open via Landmark LIVE! 

PDF Catalogue

Click HERE to download the PDF Catalogue